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10 Things to Remember When Getting a Mortgage
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The day you present yourself in front of a mortgage broker, and potentially commit to the largest purchase of your life, can be overwhelming. Here is a list of a few things you might want to have ready before you walk in your lender's office.

1. You will need to have available W-2 forms or Business Tax Return forms for at least two years for every person signing the loan.

2. Copies of your personal tax forms for at least the past three years.

3. Have copies of one or two of the most recent pay checks.

4. Have copies of your savings and checking accounts for the past two-three month.

5. A list of any other assets, stocks, bonds, brokerage account statements for at least 3 of the last month.

6. Have information on all other loans you might have, like student loans, car loans etc.

7. A list of all credit card accounts and the amount owed.

8. A list of all addresses where you might have lived for the past five years, including landlord’s names.

9. A copy of your 401(K) and any other retirement account.

10. Any documentation to prove additional income, like pension or child support.

 Please use the calculators on my mortgage calculators page to compare loan rates and estimate your monthly mortgage payments. For more information or advise on a qualified mortgage broker, please contact me.



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