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Is your house For Sale By Owner? 
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So... you decided to sell your own home...

I have news for you: the process can be overwhelming . Therefore, I put together a few steps that should help you along the way.

1. Price your home right.

Comparing your home to recently sold homes in your area or homes listed for sale. Some useful websites are and . You can also contact a title company, hire a real estate appraiser or ask a Realtor. Call me or log in for a free, no obligation Comparative Market Analysis.

2. Prepare all Property Records.

    • Ownership documents
    • Insurance policies
    • Mortgage documents
    • Any capital improvement records.
    • Maintenance records including pest control.

3. Prepare Property Disclosures.

I recommend paying for a professional home inspection. This will alert you to any repairs that might be needed and it shows good faith towards the buyer. Most states make it mandatory to disclose known defects that could affect the value of the home. A Property Disclosure Form usually discloses the condition of the home as well as hazards like: geological, seismic, radon gas, lead paint, asbestos etc.

4. Prepare your property for showings.

  • Clean and un-clutter your home. Remove all personal items and allow the buyer to imagine themselves in your house. Less stuff makes a room look larger.
  • Make all repairs before showing the property. Any small default could raise questions about the rest of the house.
  • Make any improvements financially feasible without adding expenses that can not be recovered. Make sure your property has curb appeal by improving you landscaping.

5. Start Marketing your home.

  • Check with the county zoning codes and home owner association before placing a sign on your property. Make the sign easy to read.
  • Place an add in the local Newspaper.
  • List your property on any free real estate websites. For a list of some of these websites, don’t hesitate to contact me.
  • Use a Flat Fee MLS Listing service. It is the only way your home can be available to all Realtors in the area. You must be willing to negotiate a commission fee with the buyer’s agent.
  • Pay for a Property Web Site. It is inexpensive and you can make your home available remotely through pictures and offer as much information as possible. List your website on any advertisement you might use.

6. Sell you home.

  • Accompany everyone visiting your home and make sure there are no unprotected areas. Avoid any liability in case of injury.
  • Lock your pets; send your children to stay with neighbors.
  • Make finishing touches by creating a soft musical background, turning on lights, lamps, candles, place fresh flowers throughout the house, bake cookies an make sure the temperature in pleasant.
  • Know you area very well and be able to give honest answer to all questions. Do not get into too many details. The rule of thumb is: no question, no answer.

7. Close the deal.

  • You must be in touch with a lender in order to pre- qualify the buyer. Use the one that you have your mortgage with.

  • Present the buyer with a copy of the Disclosure Statement.

  • Have copies of all properties inspections reports.

  • Have a copy of the purchase contract that the buyer can read. You can find this contract on my Real Estate Forms Page.

  • Make arrangements for a meeting when you can both sign the contract, after the buyer gets pre-qualified for the mortgage.

8. Sign the Contract.

The Purchase and Sale Contract is the agreement between you and the buyer and it shows the price of the home and the terms of sale.

Depending on the type of property you are selling you can use one of my Contracts . You must not modify any of these contracts. A title company at buyer’s choice will be handling the closing documents.

Congratulations, you sold your home!

If you should have any questions or need advise through the FSBO process, please call me, I will be happy to help and you will have no obligation. It doesn't cost me to help and I know that one day the favor will come back to me.



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