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First-Time Home Buyer’s To Do List. Bookmark and Share

If you are a first-time home buyer, the whole process could be overwhelming. Please remember to check some of these steps off your list before starting to shop for property.

Talk to your mortgage broker or Lender

Ask your lender as many questions as possible so you can get the best mortgage deal available.
Get as much information as possible, before you make a decision.

Get pre-approved and have your lender write a commitment letter for a mortgage on the property you are ready to put an offer on.
Having this letter increases your chanced to get your offer accepted.


Act Quickly!


You found the house of your dreams?
Make an offer . Don’t let somebody else buy it. You will regret it for ever.
If you think the house you want is a good deal, chances are someone else thinks the same thing.

Get the best Realtor®

Find the Real Estate Agent who is willing to help you through the entire home buying process.
A good REALTOR will represent you in a transaction and will be able to negotiate on your behalf so you can end up getting the best deal for the home you want.
Ask your Realtor what are the pros and cons of buying short sales or foreclosure properties.
If you feel that your Real Estate search turns up nothing but me or click on my Search Florida Properties page.



The average first-time home buyer stays in their home for only four years. As a buyer you should think about the possibility of reselling, before you buy a home.

Think of you property as a Real Estate Investment. A good rule of thumb is: plan to make your money when you buy a house, not when you sell it.

Consider the Real Estate Market volatility

In today's real estate market we are seeing more and more properties offered as short sales and foreclosures. Sometimes the listing agents determine the listing price far below the market value.

When making an offer on a short sale or a foreclosure property, your Realtor should conduct a BPO( broker price opinion) on the home. A correct BPO will determine what the lender will be willing to accept for the desired property.

Consult with your Realtor when making an offer. Don't just make a low offer because you want to. Buying a short sale or a foreclosure is a lengthy process and by making too low of an offer you might miss your chances to buy the property.
Lenders do not respond to such low offers.



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