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Buyer's Closing Costs Bookmark and Share

A real estate transaction involves several closing costs that you and the seller are expected to pay at the closing. Usually, the lender will provide a good-faith estimate of all closing costs.

The title company that handles your closing documents will be able to provide you with a estimate of the closing costs (HUD) at least 24 hours before closing.


The most common costs that you will have to pay are:

  1. Down Payment.

  2. Loan Origination.

  3. Discount fees or points, usually offered as a tool to lower your interest rate.

  4. Charges for a Home Inspection. Approximately $275-$400 depending on the size of the home.

  5. Home Appraisal required by the Lender. You can pay as much as $400 for an appraisal.

  6. Credit Report fee. $50

  7. Private Mortgage Insurance Premium( PMI).

  8. Home Owner's Insurance Escrow if you decide to add your insurance to the mortgage payments.

  9. An escrow of Property taxes if you are adding your taxes to the mortgage payments.

  10. Recording of the Deed. $60

  11. Survey. $200

  12. Notary Fees. $300

  13. Several prorations for your part of the costs such as utility bills, HOA and property taxes.

  14. Documentary stamp tax on a mortgage: . 35 %, intangible rax on a mortgage: .02 %

As a buyer, you must be prepared to pay these closing costs during the transaction closing process. These costs can easily add up although some costs can be negotiated.

Here is a Closing Costs Calculator to help you determine the approximate costs and fees that you are expected to pay when you close on a home loan.




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